Tale of a White Girls Weave

Black girls have weaves. I’m not sure when I learned this but it’s been a useless fact floating in my brain for who knows how long.

Here’s what I didn’t know. White girl’s have weaves too. This fact came to me via three of my closest friends. One day they had shoulder length hair, the next, they were Rapunzel. Amazing.

Let’s add one more fun fact to the mix. Black guys don’t know that white girls have weaves. This I know first hand. Let me paint the picture. My girlfriends and I were out dancing. A black guy friend went to put his hand on top of my girlfriends head. At that point, his facial expression was pure wonderment as he uttered “I didn’t know Snowflakes have weaves”. He then hurled himself over in laughter.

Let’s proceed. One girlfriend has a weave which is transfused with her natural hair. My second girlfriend has a removable weave. How do I know it’s removable? Well, after a night of dancing, she will not only rip off her eyelashes tossing them into the barren parking lot but she will then pull out her weaves placing them in her purse or car console.

Let’s just litter this blog with facts. White guys don’t know white girl’s have removable weaves. Here’s how I know. Again, we were out on the town for the night ordering drinks at the bar at which point the nice gentlemen next to us asks my friend a question. He turns his head to grab his own drink as he waits for her reply. After returning his eyes back on her, perplexed he asks “where did your hair go”. To which she replies “I put it in my pocketbook”.

Lastly, did you know that white girl’s weave’s shed? Well I didn’t either. This is how I came into the know. Last night we went dancing. (we don’t go out nearly as much as it seems, but this is where the weave stories really take root! Pun intended). Black girls sat in the chairs along the wall as the white girls cut up the dance floor. Not an issue for us since we think we are black girls at heart.

It was when the white guys started battling each other that we noticed them dancing around pieces, no let me correct that, chunks of hair on the floor. Not just chunks of hair. You guessed it. White girl weave had come unraveled and pieces were scattered on the dance floor. It seemed to be the theme of the night for these young men to dance around the detached weave hair. The black boys took a different approach. They liked to dance and kick the long strands of displaced weave hair.

Know what I learned in that moment as the black girls looked on in horror and who were judging us so hard on our dancing that night? Black girls definitely don’t know white girl’s have weaves.


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